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Stump Grinding San Diego

Artists may be able to capture a tree stump and turn it into something eye-catching and pretty, but for most of us it’s an unsightly addition to our yard or property. 

Now, if you haven’t removed your tree stump yet, you may want to very soon as your tree stump could be housing pests and/or rodents, and spreading disease through the roots to the rest of the trees and plants in your yard. 

All of this, will obviously lead to a very unhappy and unhealthy yard, reversing the hard work you put into making your yard beautiful and lush, not to mention the money spent on trees and landscaping. 

That’s why we always recommend removing your tree stump and we definitely recommend tree stump grinding over tree stump removal.

How Removal Works

Stump grinding is a complicated process where our team of experts removes the tree stump carefully and systematically without removing the root. Root removal can be tricky, it all comes down to the species of the tree, the tree’s age, the location of the roots, and where they are branching out to.

 Due to the complexity of this process, we always advise calling in the professionals as most homeowners or landlords won’t have the necessary equipment or knowledge to comfortably perform this procedure. Good job we’re here to help! 

We have everything it takes for a successful tree stump grinding operation. This is what we do, all day every day!

When our team of experts arrive at your property they will mechanically grind out the stump, turning the stump into fine sawdust. We can grind the tree stump to your desired height, which is why many people choose grinding over removal.

Stump grinding is a lot more efficient than tree stump removal, and a lot less invasive. 

The fine sawdust that is the residue of the tree stump can be used as mulch for your landscaping, our experts will professionally scatter the sawdust onto your desired areas.

 Our team here at San Diego Tree Surgeons will gladly provide you with our expert tree grinding service to eliminate that ugly tree stump for you. 

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