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In case you might be asking yourself; do I need to remove this tree? The answer is probably yes if it’s a thought.

You see, most people can instinctively tell if something is posing a danger to their families or property.

So now you’re probably thinking; well great – now what? Well, now we call in the experts.

Reasons for wanting to remove a tree could be any of the following:

Impeding construction

Here at San Diego Tree surgeons, we offer Tree Removal services, and we’re the best in town so it’s a win-win for you.

At San Diego Tree Surgeons We Take a Saftey First Approach

Now, safety is a huge element to cutting and removing trees, and here’s why: we all know that tree removal is a complex and dangerous job. Not only do you need the professional equipment, but you also need the know-how. 

It is essential to choose the most qualified and experienced team, who will put your and their safety before anything else. Turns out these leafy stumps and branches are trickier than most people think! They could be rotting, damaged or diseased and each of those come with their own territory. 

Which is why you should call us on 619-404-6526.

SPEEDY Service

On your initial call with us, we will schedule a time that works best for you to come and assess the situation. Oftentimes, we are available to come to your property that same day or the next day, even if it’s not an emergency. No wonder our clients love us. 

We will send you a text message two hours prior to your appointment, as a friendly reminder that we are on our way.

Once our team arrives they will then recommend the most cost effective tree trimming or removal method, tailored to your situation. And as if that’s not enough – once you’ve approved our service estimate, we’ll get to work RIGHT AWAY!

Our professional team of experts will proceed to safely remove the unwanted trees from your property. They will cut the tree limb by limb, according to the procedure which is carefully mapped out by the foreman. The crew will work together using ropes and pulleys for the heavier branches, followed by the lighter branches last. 

The smallest portions & branches will be chipped and turned into a fine sawdust. You can decide if you’d like to use that sawdust as mulch for your landscaping, our team will gladly do that for you. 

Once there is nothing but a stump left the team will start with the stump removal process. You can choose to grind the tree stump or to remove the stump entirely. 

Our team will be keeping the area clean and hazard free during the whole duration of the tree removal operation. This will keep your property a safe environment for our team as well as for you and your loved ones.

When all the wood that can be chipped is chipped, we’ll transport all the larger pieces off your property and we’ll be sure to leave your property spotless. 

What does that mean for you? Well, it means you’re getting the best service by the best company, at the best price, quickly and at your convenience.

Our team has successfully removed trees of all shapes and sizes, there’s nothing we haven’t seen!

So by now, you should be on the phone speaking with one of our team members to schedule a free assessment. 


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We strive to visit your site the next business day. In many cases it’s not necessary for you to be present. Give us a detailed description and we will provide you a quote. Call our office at 619-404-6526.